Bare Root Trees

Our bare root trees (deciduous trees only) arrive during June and July.
Pre-orders can be made throughout the year. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your order. The earlier your order is placed the more likely you are of availability.
For all orders of bare root trees please contact the garden centre via our website contact form.

Autumn Blaze Tree

Acer Autumn Blaze


celebration Tree




crimson sentry Tree


Crimson Sentry


Dissectum crimson wave Tree

Acer Dissectum Crimson Wave


Dissectum Seirvu Tree

Acer Dissectum Seiryu


Fairview Flame Tree

Acer Fairview Plane


October Glory Tree

Acer October Glory


Osakazuki Tree

Acer Osakazuki


Acer Palmetum bloodgood Tree

Acer Palmatum Bloodgood


Dissectum Inana Shidare Tree

Acer Palmatum Dessectum Inaba Shidare


Dissectum Atropurpureum Tree

Acer Palmatum Dissectum Atropurpureum $188.00

Atropurpureum Ornatum Tree

Acer Palmatum Dissectum AtropurpureumOrnatum


emerald lace Tree

Acer Palmatum Dissectum Emerald Lace


sekimori Tree

Acer Palmatum Dissectum Sekimori


Dissectum Shojo Shidare Tree

Acer Palmatum Dissectum Shojo Shidare $188.00

Scarlet Sentinel Tree

Acer Scarlet Sentinel


Trident Tree

Acer Trident


Vitifolium Tree

Acer Vitifolium Japanese


Spartacus Tree

Ash Spartacus


Urbanite Tree

Ash Urbanite


Atropurpureum Tree




Pendula Youngii Tree

Betula Pendula Yougii


Silver Tree

Betula Silver Birch

From $47.00

Weeping Birch Tree

Betula Weeping Birch $100.00

Avondale Cercis Tree

Cercis Avondale


cercis faerie queen tree

Cercis Faerie Queen


forrest pansy.jpg

Cercis Forest Pansy


Cercis merlot tree

Cercis Merlot


Chinese Pistachio tree

Chinese Pistachio


June Snow tree

Cornus June Snow


crateagus hawthorn standard tree

Crateagus Hawthorn Standard


Fraxinus Urbanite tree

Fraxinus Urbanite


gingko maidenhair tree

Gingko Maidenhair


Hamamelis Sunburst tree

Hamamelis Sunburst


Lagerstroemia Acoma tree

Lagerstroemia Acoma


Lagerstroemia Kiowa tree

Lagerstroemia Kiowa


Lagerstroemia Lipan tree

Lagerstroemia Lipan


Lagerstroemia Natchez tree

Lagerstroemia Natchez


Lagerstroemia Tuscarora tree

Lagerstroemia Tuscarora


London Plane tree

London Plane

From $58.00

Magnolia Black Tulip tree

Magnolia Black Tulip


Magnolia Felix tree

Magnolia Felix


magnolia soulangiana tree

Magnolia Soulangeana


magnolia vulcan tree

Magnolia Vulcan 


malus gorgeous tree

Malus Gorgeous


malus ivory spear tree

Malus Ivory Spear


malus raspberry spear tree

Malus Raspberry Spear 


Malus Royal Raindrops

Malus Royal Raindrops


malus showtime tree

Malus Showtime


Malus Sugar Thyme tree

Malus Sugar Thyme


Malus Tom Matthews tree

Malus Tom Matthews


Melia lilac lady tree

Melia Lilac Lady


mespilus dutch medlar tree

Mespilus Dutch Medlar


Morus Alba Weeping Mulberry tree

Moras Alba Weeping Mulberry


Nyssa Syvatica Tupelo tree

Nyssa Sylvatica Tupelo


parrotia persica tree

Parrotia Persica


Plane bloodgood tree

Plane Bloodgood


poplar Lombardy tree

Poplar Lombardy


poplar Simonii tree

Poplar Simonii


prunus Blireana tree

Prunus Blireana


prunus cherry jh vetch tree

Prunus Cherry JH Vetch


Amanogawa tree

Prunus Cherry Amanogawa


campanultata tree

Prunus Cherry Campanulata


pink perfection tree

Prunus Cherry Pink Perfection


Elvins tree

Prunus Elvins


weeping apricot tree

Prunus Mume Weeping Apricot


Nigra tree

Prunus Nigra


Oakville Crimson Spire tree

Prunus Oakville Crimson


Pendula Rubra tree

Prunus Pendula Rubra


Versicoloured tree

Prunus Persica Versicolour


Pink Cascade tree

Prunus Pink Cascade

From $97.00

pink snow shower tree

Prunus Pink Snow Showers

From $97.00

Slender Form tree

Prunus Slender Form


Snow Fountains tree

Prunus Snow Fountains

From $97.00

Weeping Snofozam tree

Prunus Weeping Cherry


Bradford tree

Pyrus Bradford

From $70.00

pyrus Capital tree

Pyrus Capital

From $70.00

Chanticleer glens tree

Pyrus Chanticleer Glen's Form

From $70.00

pyrus Edgedell tree

Pyrus Edgedell


pyrus Manchurian tree

Pyrus Manchurian

From $70.00

Nivalis Snow tree

Pyrus Nivalis Snow Pear

From $70.00

Frisia tree

Robinia Frisia


Mop Top tree

Robinia Mop Top 


Purple Robe tree

Robinia Purple Robe


Salix Weeping Willow tree

Salix Weeping Willow


weeping peach crimson cascade tree

Weeping Peach Crimson Cascade 


weeping peach red tree

Weeping Peach Red


weeping peach white tree

Weeping Peach White


Weeping Sophora tree

Weeping Sophora