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Camellias are evergreen shrubs flowering from autumn through winter and into spring depending on species and varieties.

Camellias are hardy and relatively trouble free giving many years of pleasure with their attractive evergreen foliage and beautiful flowers.

Camellias thrive in a wide range of conditions.


Best results come from selecting varieties suitable for the area and position.

Japonica - prefer some shade, flowering around May through to July.  Depending on variety they will grow from 1 to 4 metres. Suit mass plantings, single specimen or mixed garden planting.  Respond well to pruning.

Sasanqua - ​Grow well and flower best in full sun, flowering prolifically over a long period.

Used extensively as a hedging plant but also as background and foreward planting, standards and topiaries, espalier or as a single garden plant. Depending on the variety they will grow from 1 to 4/5 metres.  Respond very well to pruning.

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